Colored Glaze Shape Natural Crystal Bracelet

SKU: A2202JB-

[#desc]The sliced natural stone crystal that is specially customized to reproduce the shape of old colored glaze. Most of the materials are water-based, and the pure crystals give him a stronger spirituality than white crystal. The adjustable style of the chain bracelet is also a gift for lovers to wear together.

Name: Colored Glaze Design Aquatic Semi-precious Stones Natural Crystal Bracelet;
Materail: Natural Semi-precious Stone Crystal;
Size: S(13-14cm), M(14.5-16cm),L(16.5-17.5cm);
Materail: PRandom color natural semi-precious stone crystal 7-8mm or 9-10mm, pink shell carved cherry blossom, 925 silver gold plated tag, brass plated 18K small beads, imported cotton rope;