Fashionable Luxury 12 Color Crystal Round Shape Birthstone Earrings

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SKU: F7002JE-Ruby Gold


Birthstones are a fun, popular and colorful introduction to the world of gemstones. Regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion, they appeal to audiences around the world. Birthstones carry secrets, properties and legends that are unique to each gemstone. There are countless myths and legends about the many different powers and properties that birthstones possess. Whether you believe in these legends or not, it is hard not to agree that learning about birthstones can be an educational and entertaining experience.[/desc] 
Birthstones and their vivid colors have long been a way to connect your birth month with rare and unique gemstones. They are a meaningful gift for mom, a friend, spouse, or family member during a special occasion.
Whether you're shopping for a birthstone or trying to determine the birthstone gem colors that match each month, you've chosen the right item.

Material: Embellished with crystals+Brass
Process : Roudium plated;
Type: Lab Created Sapphire;
Stone Shape: Round Cut;
Stone Color: 12 Colors;
Weight: 4.6g
 Needle:  0.39in;

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